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Andean Balance

Lima, Peru

A functional blend made from 8 hand-picked superfood ingredients to provide your body and brain the perfect Omega 3 and selenium balance.

Made from Chia, Sacha Inchi, Brazil Nuts, Amaranth, Linseed, Mesquite, Guarana and Maca. No additives, no colorings, no preservatives. High Omega 3 & Selenium. Low fat. Cholesterol free. Low sodium.
Benefits & Uses
• High source of Omega 3 and selenium.
• Stimulates brain balance.
• Ideal for preparing smoothies!
• Add it to your yogurt or milk and enjoy!


15 kg

Retail Doypack

Flexible options

(*) % Daily Value based on 2000 Kcal.

  • 763

    Omega 3
  • 582

  • 76

    Omega 6
  • 75